Within the scope of TP TTS Membership Agreement, this system allows your vehicles to purchase fuel at the contracted TP stations without wasting time, where payment and invoicing transactions are made through TP Headquarters in 15-day periods and vehicle usage information can be tracked.


  • Click the “I Want To Become a TTS Customer” button just above!
    • Fill in the Membership Agreement and the Customer Information Form.
    • Your TP TTS member Card will be sent to your address.
    • Login to TP TTS Web Site and credit card payment instructions will be sent to your e-mail.
  • For the first prepayment you will make with your Credit Card,
    • Log in to the “Cloud Collection WEB Site” with your password that will be sent to your e-mail, and pay at least 750.-TL as “3D SECURE” at the first time,
    • After your first credit card load, your TP TTS card and discount will be activated at TP stations.
  • Get your discounted fuel whenever you want and from any TP stations.
  • Your purchase within the scope of the Campaign will be initiated by presenting your activated TP TTS Card to the pump attendants at our stations before fuel purchase.
  • No payment will be made by you at the stations for these purchases, and your invoices for these purchases will be sent to your e-mail address from the TP center on the 15th and last day of each month.
  • If you spend or decrease the prepayment you have loaded, continue to receive discounted fuel for one year with the new balances that you will load to your TP TTS Card with your credit card via the Bulut Tahsilat WEB site.
  • You can access the detailed reports of your fuel purchases, payments and remaining balance by entering the TP TTS Website with the password to be sent to your e-mail and clicking the “I am a current TTS Customer” button.

You can use the internet on your computer to carry out the following transactions pertaining to your company’s fuel management swiftly.

  • Limiting and reporting per vehicle
  • Limiting and reporting per department
  • Limiting and reporting for all vehicles
  • Invoice reports
  • Consumption report per vehicle, department and fleet
  • List of active vehicles
  • Department vehicle list
  • Vehicle addition form
  • Update changes in department and vehicle information
  • Change of product